Mobile banking app - unwiring the horizons of digital banking domain

The banking and financial landscape has changed drastically over years. Gone are those days when one had to stand in a queue for money withdrawal and deposit cheque or cash.

The demand for technical innovations has forced the bank to step out of their comfort zone and seize new opportunities. Currently, mobile applications are ruling over the world with soaring usage of mobile phones, tablets, and easy access to mobile networks globally.

Such demand has pushed the banks to develop a mobile banking application so people can leverage their time and energy, and helping the bank to satisfy their customers with quality and quick services checks.

We are here to tell you why to switch for a mobile-only bank operating solely through mobile banking apps via telephone and online banking reducing, cost significantly without maintaining the overall branch network. Being an owner of any financial institute or banking firm, if you are looking for developing a mobile banking app, we have crafted some helpful guidelines for step by step banking app development.

1. Target audience
Look through several pieces of research before you pitch into the banking app development process over how people use mobile phones, category of apps they use, with an edge to the competitor’s apps. It is important to know and understand whom you are targeting. At first, you may think of developing an app for a tech-savvy teenager, but there are also many millennial who prefer to use a banking app rather than standing for hours. So focus on factors that could be deciding parameters for your mobile banking app.
2. Security

When it comes to hard-earned dollars, people always want to ensure that their money falls somewhere in safe hands. To assure bank account holder safety and security of their money, it’s vital for banking app developers to understand online mobile security with practical usage. One most important thing is to reduce human intervention in security control to make application defensive and robust. Best security practices for banking security app include:

  • Implementing the latest technology and features and avoiding local storage of sensitive data on a user device.
  • End-to-end encryption and using SSL to communicate between the app and the user.
  • Bio-metrics, voice recognition, and automatic logout after a certain period of inactivity.
  • The intensity of password checks with added text notification for any unauthorised transactions.
3. Features

This section integrates what kind of service you want to include in your app to provide to your customer. With functional and useful key features you can add a competitive edge to your banking app to help it stand out when launched:

  • ATM locator for finding ATM services.
  • Interest rates, budgeting tools, and expenditure tracking.
  • Cardless ATM withdrawals via QR codes and digital wallets.
4. Simple UI
Mobile banking app is more important than ever with being able to carry all financial in one’s pocket. Developers need to understand and design an app that can use the app with ease that keeps customers happy. A huge factor is a good usability with great design and simple user interactions.
5. Tested app for actual development
For an app to perform accurate before launch, it should undergo numerous rounds of testing. But when it comes to testing a banking app, there are thousands of users simultaneously, reporting user activities, handling large databases, all of which should perform flawlessly. Hence, your testing routines and KPIs should be robust and actual.
6. Better customer service
Banks work only on weekdays and usually, they have long waiting for lines to get your work done. Such conditions create hindrances and a major waste of time. Chatbot for 24/7 assistance, on/offline features, diverse mobile platforms, and many more providing seamless customer support for banking-related concerns.

Are you ready to leverage the most of your mobile banking application development? Make no mistake in building your banking mobile app with more interesting and innovative features.

If you base your app on the above six pillars mentioned you will not go too far wrong. We know that there are many challenges at every stage of app development, so we assure assisting you in the further process enabling you to maximize profits and offer better services.

We make sure to bring greater transparency, better agility, and flexibility to your organization which will eventually make you stay ahead of curve. For more details please browse through our website xEnabler Digital. Feel free to contact us at or

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